I’m an actor, writer and creative facilitator based in London. I trained at the Bristol Old Vic and also hold a BA in German from Bristol University. 


Collaboration is an essential part of my make-up as an artist and I love to help others achieve their artistic goals whether that’s through acting, writing or creating websites and taking headshots. When it comes to the creative part of the industry, I firmly believe that competition is redundant and that working together will not only make the business a safer place but will also help us produce better work. 


As an actor, I am particularly passionate about new writing in theatre and film. I love working with up and coming writers and directors. For a more extensive CV please see my spotlight page. You can also find my show and voice reels on this website, as well as recent clips of me singing. 


Writing has been a constant passion of mine and I have recently moved from my weekly blog and poems on Ellie Speaks to screenwriting with the project ‘The Pact’. I am also the creator of the Diva Vlogs, a youtube series imagining West-End leading ladies as influencers. I love to find the humour in the struggle and the light in the darkness. My aim is to make work that brings a wider range of stories and experiences to the fore in a way that is light-hearted but avoids surface-level engagement. 


Thanks to spending most of my early twenties writing a lifestyle/travel blog, I have a great knowledge of website platforms. For a lot of artists, the website is the new CV and I would love to help anyone who is struggling to find time to put a site together. As part of my blog, I regularly took photographs on 35mm and can now offer a headshot/portrait service for those who need it. 


In this world and this industry that seems hellbent on hardening our hearts, I hope we can find a way to keep ours soft and grateful. To vulnerability, collaboration and the joy of the small things!




Ellie x

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